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Yuxing Laguiole the professional nutcracker manufacturers, and its laguiole nutcracker generally categorized as Percussion, Lever and Screw. When two pieces of wood or mental are joined together with a hinge or other devise that allows the levers to turn, this part is called the “fulcrum”. When the nut is cracked between the fulcrum and your hand, the nut is cracked with direct pressure.The first actual nutcrackers that were designed specifically for the purpose of cracking nuts were simple in design and functioned only for the purpose of cracking the hard outer shell of nuts.Linden is the wood must often used to make the wooden toy soldier nutcracker as it is easy to turn on the lathe, but birch, beech and other woods are also used. Softer woods such as pine or fir are not as durable and it takes a strong wood to make a nutcracker!

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