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Types of laguiole steak knives

Types of laguiole steak knives


Steak knives are a type of table knives. The common laguiole steak knives are mainly serrated steak knives, and a few top steak knives will be designed with flat edges or fine teeth. In addition to the characteristics of the blade, another classification of table knives is based on the shape of the blade:

French knives have round tips and German steak knives have pointed tips.

Forge de Laguiole's products are presumably the exception to the French table knife, for reasons unknown. The shape of the blade of the laguiole steak knife has nothing to do with the grade. In the top steak knife products, both types of knives can be seen.

French table knives didn't start out with round tips. European table knives used to be mainly sharp-tipped knives. After the 17th century, France began to use round-tipped steak knives a lot for unimaginable reasons. Why did the French knife have such a development? What are the functional differences between different types of steak knives? Which steak knife laguiole do you recommend?

The origin of the French round head knife

Round-tipped table knives began to appear in France around 1637: At that time, there were famous wood handle steak knights and bishops in Richelieu and Fronsac in France: Cardinal Armand Jean du Plessis. In addition to having very strong political influence, Cardinal Richelieu was also a person who attached great importance to the table. ceremonial nobility.

In France at that time, people could often see people picking their teeth with sharp knives. Cardinal Richelieu couldn’t bear the teeth of his guests, so he decided to only provide round knives, so that his guests could not pick their teeth.

The Knife Decree of the Sun King Louis XIV

Cardinal Richelieu's influence is quite strong, not only to centralize France, but also to make the round head table knife spread in France. Twenty-seven years after his death, then-reigning Louis XIV imposed a ban on table knives: from the streets of France to Louis XIV's tables, all table knives had to be rounded.

However, Louis XIV's reason was not for table manners, but to prevent citizens from attacking others with dining knives. At that time, the centralized France was very powerful, and the decree of Louis XIV brought about a major change in the style of French table knives.

The difference in function between the two steak knives

Advantages of the German Point Steak Knife: Easy handling of bone-in ingredients

The most obvious benefit of a pointed table knife is that it can easily scrape the meat and bones.

The round head knife is more difficult to penetrate deep into the bone. Although it can be used on steaks or ribs without bones, it is not suitable for ingredients with complex bone structures such as tomahawk steak, T-bone steak, chicken thighs, and pig feet.

Advantages of the French Round Steak Knife: Great for Steaks and Breads

Relatively speaking, the front end of the German steak knife wood handle is too sharp and easy to pierce the bread, so it is not good at spreading cream and jam on the bread. French table knives do not have this problem, and the knife surface is relatively wide. In addition to row meals, it can also be used to spread bread and baguettes.

French knives have round tips and German steak knives have pointed tips.

Which steak knife do you recommend?

There is a saying: The Closer to the Bone the Sweeter the Meat (the meat near the bone is the sweetest), if you love meat with the bone in it, then a sharp German steak knife is best for you. Of course, German steak knives laguiole can also be used to pick teeth if your tablemate doesn't mind.

If you often have delicate boneless steaks on your table, baguettes that need to be smeared with garlic sauce, or simply prefer elegantly curved cutlery, then a French table knife with a round head is more suitable for you.

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