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Which laguiole wine corkscrew is best for you?

Which laguiole wine corkscrew is best for you?


When it comes to opening wine, there are many newbies who have been embarrassed, although more and more corkscrew manufacturers on the market have begun to use screw caps or boxed wines. But the partner of glass bottle and cork is still the most classic. For opening such wine bottles, just like needing a beer starter, the first thing you need is a wine corkscrew.

Faced with a wide variety of wine openers with huge price differences, how should you choose? This article summarizes 7 common corkscrews for you. Each corkscrew has its own merits. It is impossible to say which one is the best and which one is the worst. The usage occasion, the experience of the corkscrew and the situation of the wine that needs to be opened are all necessary. factors taken into account.

1. The waiter's favorite - seahorse knife

The lightest corkscrew bottle opener, most commonly found in restaurants. Also known as "friends of sommeliers", it is also the best option for wine lovers as waiters generally carry around. The wine knife also comes with a small knife to easily cut the tin foil or plastic seal on the bottle mouth. The lever principle is used when opening the bottle, which is convenient and labor-saving. It is very easy to control after being proficient, and the price ranges from a few yuan to several thousand yuan. It should be noted that the more expensive the better, in fact, those corkscrews made of high-grade wood, horn or wine barrel wood are often prepared for professional sommeliers, which may be difficult for beginners to use.

2. Rabbit head bottle opener

This is the best choice for people who have no experience with corkscrews. They don't need to think about where to put the drill on the cork, nor do they need to keep the laguiole wine corkscrew vertical and put it on the bottle. On the top, the fine physical structure will help you avoid all worries. But the price is slightly expensive and it is not convenient to carry.

3. Butterfly corkscrew

Due to the double-sided lever principle of the butterfly, the corkscrew does not require manual skills like a seahorse knife to keep the corkscrew perpendicular to the cork. This one, I thought it was especially suitable for home use, was affordable and easy to use, and usually came with a starter for opening beer, which was very cost-effective. Of course, compared with the seahorse knife, the butterfly shape is larger, and it is not suitable for carrying around.

4. Desk Opener

This table-type bottle opener often appears at the bar of some high-end restaurants, mainly to ensure that the bottle is in the view of the guests when the waiter opens the bottle while serving a glass of wine, so as to allow the purchase of a glass of wine. of customers can rest assured that this bottle is freshly opened. For some hardcore wine players, an elegant table-type corkscrew wine opener is a good decoration in the wine cellar. This kind of bottle opener is often used as a gift, but apart from being beautiful, it is really not good. Know what works.

5. Traditional corkscrew

As the oldest wine corkscrew, the principle is brutal. The reason why this traditional bottle opener, which is not suitable for the waiter's pocket and can not save effort at all, is still circulating in the market, I think it is mainly because there are such a group of people who love to show off their skills and emphasize that they are very strong. exist.

6. Electronic bottle opener

The cool new bottle opener should be said to be extremely easy to use. You only need to press a button, and the screw plug will be lifted automatically, which is convenient and fast. If you want to talk about the main shortcomings, the cheap electronic bottle openers on the domestic market. It takes a whole day to charge the device without opening two bottles of wine, which is weaker than Apple's standby. If you want to use it, the price is not so cheap. On many occasions, the use of such a bottle opener will make others despise, especially in some European and American countries, such wine bottle openers are often used by elderly people with limited mobility.

7. Air pressure bottle opener

As the name implies, the principle of forcibly injecting air into the bottle through the needle inserted into the stopper makes the stopper pop out automatically. It is advertised that this laguiole wine corkscrew will prevent the fragile cork of old wine from falling into the wine after it breaks during the opening process, but please note that this requires you to manually pierce an awl through the entire cork before inflating a bicycle tire. Get in the same breath. This kind of high-end-sounding bottle opener is treated like an electronic bottle opener and is mainly used as a joke.

Merchants have tried their best to make the "little thing" of opening a bottle more efficient and labor-saving through various physical principles. Everyone seems to love the simplest device - the hippocampus or the traditional one. Perhaps, this is a skill that wine lovers advertise themselves, or perhaps it is because when using traditional corkscrews, the bottle opening process is more ritualistic, which is a feeling that fast food technology cannot replace.

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